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When you’re considering alternatives for heating your home, consider the benefits of radiant heating before reaching a decision. The technology behind radiant heating has changed over time, and now it’s easier than ever to install it in new homes or retrofit existing homes. These are the top three reasons for considering this type of heating in your North Texas home:

1. Comfort. Radiant heating systems gently heat everything in the room. Your floors, furniture and walls absorb the heat and retain it, unlike forced-air systems, whose heat is quickly lost when the furnace doesn’t run long enough to let the heat penetrate the physical components indoors. Heat rises, and as the floors warm the temperature of everything inside the room warms as well. Your feet will never be cold with radiant heat, and children playing on the floor won’t feel any chill.

Radiant heating is quiet, since there’s no air handler running and air blowing through ducts to deliver the heat. Homes with radiant heat are easier to keep dust-free, and anyone with allergies or asthma benefits from these systems.

2. Energy efficiency. One of the benefits of radiant heating is that your home is zoned, which means that you only need to heat the spaces you’re currently using. Each zone has its own thermostat that you can turn down or up, depending on the time of day and personal preferences. The thermal efficiency of radiant heat is 100 percent, higher than forced-air heating systems. Energy losses through ducts can reach 30 percent or higher, something you’ll never worry about with a radiant system.

3. Space-saving. Radiant systems do not use any space for ducts or require a separate space for the air handler. When arranging furniture or decorating a home, a radiant system gives homeowners more flexibility, since blocking ducts and registers is never a concern.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of radiant heating and its suitability for your present home or one you’re planning, please contact us at Crawford Services, Inc. We provide quality HVAC services for Dallas and North Texas homeowners.

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