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02_21_13The best A/C contractors will tell you: The efficiency, effectiveness and all-around condition of your home heating and cooling systems depend on many factors. These include regular maintenance and prompt repairs of problems when things go wrong. Doing these two things can protect your comfort system investment and extend the life of your equipment for 5-10 years longer than systems that are not properly maintained.

A significant component of HVAC system maintenance that is often neglected, or simply forgotten, is regular air filter changes. Professional A/C contractors are unanimous in their advice: Regular air filter changes are necessary to keep your indoor air clean and your air conditioner or furnace working at peak performance.

You should check the air filter in your HVAC system at least once a month. Dirty filters should be changed whenever you find them. Filters should be changed every three months as a matter of routine maintenance. Occasionally filters of the highest grade can be changed annually due to the UV lights and processes built into these advanced filtration systems.

Some of the benefits you will see from regular air filter changes include:

  • Improved indoor air quality: Dirty filters contain large amounts of the particulates and contaminants you’re trying to remove from you air. If the filter gets too full, it won’t be able to capture more material. Worse, it can release contaminants back into your home’s air. A clean filter means clean indoor air.
  • Decreased malfunctions and breakdowns: Dirty filters are a major source of HVAC system problems. A dirty, clogged filter blocks the airflow that your furnace or air conditioner needs to operate. Fans and air handlers work overtime to push air through the filters, resulting in needless wear and quicker breakdowns.
  • Improved system performance and efficiency: Dirty filters cause your HVAC system to work harder than necessary, which drives up energy consumption and increases your monthly heating and cooling bills. Dirty filters can also impair system performance, causing your furnace or air conditioner to take longer to heat or cool your home. A system working with a clean filter is also much less likely to have an expensive breakdown or component failure.

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