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A/C installation service is an important element of air conditioner performance, but it’s often overlooked or, in the worst cases, neglected. No matter how efficient the equipment itself is, a poorly installed system cannot function at top level and keep your home comfortable. Here are some of the things that HVAC customers in the McKinney area should expect from professional, expert air conditioner installation.

Proper A/C installation service

Proper A/C installation service takes into consideration the type of equipment you’ve purchased, its rated efficiency level, how the unit operates, and how it should be placed and configured to work at its best. A well-installed air conditioning system will operate reliably for an extended period with only the usual preventive maintenance and annual tune-ups.

It is certainly possible that you could install your new air conditioning system yourself. You may also find non-credentialed installers who charge lower rates. However, it’s always best to leave air conditioner installation to trained and qualified professionals. They know what proper A/C installation service requires and have access to the tools, materials and testing devices that ensure safe and correct equipment operation.

Installation factors

Proper A/C installation service should include the following factors:

  • Proper calibration of controls and system components. The entire system should be tested to make sure it’s operating properly and according to expectations.
  • Correct refrigerant charge according to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Correct placement of condensing unit and ductwork to avoid problems such as noise or energy loss.
  • Correct installation of thermostat to avoid incorrect readings of indoor temperatures.
  • Correct duct size and configuration for the best air distribution efficiency, with ducts sized according to industry-standard sources such as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual D, covering duct design and sizing.
  • Installation of enough supply ducts to properly distribute cooled air and enough return ducts to bring expended warm air back to the unit.

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