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AC Savings can make a big difference in not just one, but two areas of your life – it will ensure that your AC unit will run more efficiently, leading to few breakdowns and lower energy bills, and it will guarantee that your property maintains a comfortable temperature all year round. This will negate the hassle and inconvenience of breakdowns and costly repairs, which have a sneaky way of happening just when you most need your unit.

All items and machine components will need to be regularly serviced to ensure smooth running in the future. Everyone realizes the importance of having their cars regularly serviced – having the oil changed after so many thousand miles – to make sure that the engine runs sweetly and efficiently at the most economical rate possible. The same basis applies to your air conditioning unit. And, theAC savings will soon start to add up if you have your unit serviced regularly by a professional service engineer.

Regular maintenance and servicing of your AC unit will help to:

• Lessen the chances of breakdowns and expensive repair or replacement. In fact, studies in the AC industry have shown that regular maintenance and servicing can reduce the chances of needing expensive repairs by a massive 40 percent. Surely that’s worth thinking about, a few dollars spent now can save many more dollars in the near future.

• Improve the efficiency of your AC unit. This means that your home will be kept at a constant, comfortable temperature during the hot summer months without “hot spots” and “cool spots”.

• Make your AC system last longer. The longevity of an AC system really can be increased by regular, professional maintenance and service. Experts have concluded that regular maintenance of an AC unit can increase its lifespan by up to 30 percent. If your AC unit has
an expected lifespan of fifteen years, you could foreseeably increase that by another four or five years with regular servicing and professional maintenance. This means that you will have four or five years more to save up for a replacement unit. Talk about proactive AC savings thanks to regular maintenance! On the other hand, if you do not have your AC unit regularly serviced, its life could be cut short to 10 years!

• Help to reduce your heating / cooling utility bills. Regular maintenance and service of your AC system can enable it run using up to 30 percent less natural resources – that helps the environment and it also helps your pocket. It really is a win-win situation – good news for
the planet and fabulous news for your bank balance.

As you can see, it really is worth contacting a professional AC servicing company to find out about their regular maintenance and service plans. The majority of AC savings plans incorporate visits twice per year, when the experienced technician will check through a tick list of tasks which must be monitored, serviced, repaired or replaced.

02_28_13Regular maintenance is essential for the smooth running of your air conditioning unit and can prevent things like coil freezing, which may result in extremely costly repairs due to the increased stress which is put onto the compressor. During these routine maintenance checks the AC heating /cooling engineer will:

• Clean the coils – the indoor and outdoor both need attention

• Change the air filter for smooth running

• Check over the fan to ensure that it is working efficiently

• Remove blockages from all of the pipes

• Lubricate all of the moving parts within your AC system

• Check for leaks and repair anything that they find

• Test that the thermostat is working efficiently and accurately

• Recharge the refrigerant unit

• Check the amp draws for efficiency and accuracy

• Replace any belts with signs of wear and tear

• Check all wire connections – tightening anything which has worked loose

Make way for AC savings now and prevent issues during the hot summer months. Those sunny summer days might seem a long way off, but they will be upon us before we know it. Now is the time to check out the regular service and maintenance plans available to you, or at the very least schedule a pre-summer check up of your AC unit. It’s the only way you can be sure to keep cool throughout the summer, while ensuring that your AC system will work as efficiently and economically as possible through the months ahead.