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Air duct repair is often an oversight in many Dallas homes. But, if you are experiencing high electric bills, extra dirty air filters or moldy spots, you absolutely need it. If your ducts have come apart, or have been damaged, then your HVAC system is not able to deliver the conditioned air that you paid to produce.  In short, you not only lose out on comfort, but you can also get dirty wall debris hung up in the return supply, potentially forcing clogs in your air filter.

Ducts that are damaged or have come apart can lead to a whole host of problems that can wreak havoc on even the most experienced homeowner. Some signs of these problems are rooms that are too hot or too cold, sweating ducts and grills or just extra high electric bills. In many cases, air duct repair work is a comforting thought, giving you the ability to know that all issues have been eliminated and any other problems, like mold or mildew, have been removed.


After repairs are handled, it is best to also consider having your air ducts cleaned out. The fact is, all kinds of dust, debris, animal droppings and mold can gather in them and circulate throughout your Dallas home.   Crawford Services specialists are able to run an agitator through ducts and removed any of the unhealthy debris without further contaminating the air in your living spaces.  The agitator will sprawl throughout the ducts and cause the debris to become airborne. The airborne debris are then vacuumed out and discarded.

It really is advisable to use a professional for air duct repair. It is a sizeable job that requires professional equipment and knowledge to accomplish the task correctly. With Crawford Services, your evaluation is free and includes a firm written proposal. And, as with all of our services, all work is performed by highly trained professionals, allowing you the opportunity to look forward to healthy, sanitized air.