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Avoiding air conditioning repair needs to be a top priority this year. After the unusually warm winter this year, weather experts are predicting a very warm summer. And home owners’ AC system will be called upon over the next few weeks as spring warms up and the days get warmer. But is their air conditioning service up to the task? If you haven’t scheduled your annual maintenance checkup, there’s no time like the present.

How can springtime maintenance help avoid air conditioning repair?

Beat the Summer Air Conditioning Repair Rush

Perhaps not surprisingly, many homeowners don’t think to have their air conditioning service worked on until they need serious air conditioning repair. Unfortunately, this usually happens at the peak of the cooling season, when the systems are running the hardest. It also means they will have to wait for hours, if not days, for an air conditioning repair technician.

In the middle of June. Good luck with that.

Catch Problems Early Before Air Conditioning Repair Becomes Costly

If there is something wrong with a home HVAC system, it would be better to catch it now, rather than risking a costly and poorly-timed emergency repair call during the hottest part of the year.

In addition to saving the family from the sweltering inconvenience of a broken AC system, catching small problems early allows HVAC technician to make the necessary fixes, which prevents costly air conditioning repair down the road.

An air conditioning repair call will often cost much more than the small repairs, because left unchecked, small damage to small, easily accessible components turns into extensive damage to harder-to-reach components. The phrase “penny wise, pound foolish” is appropriate, since it is smarter to pay for the maintenance call and small repairs, which saves on the costs of repairs and replacements of expensive components.

Some of the items that are covered in this thorough inspection:

  • Electronics will be tested for operational safety.
  • Coils will be cleaned.
  • Ducts will be inspected for efficiency, and leaks will be properly sealed.
  • Refrigerant charge will be assessed for accuracy, and your technician will search out and repair any leaks in the system.
  • Filters will be changed to provide for cleaner air in the home.
  • Maximum efficiency over the long term

b7aac3fb-5117-4ffc-bd65-7243e2e077a1In addition to saving the expenses of emergency air conditioning repair calls and early replacements, springtime maintenance will also enhance the air conditioning service efficiency, which will increase comfort, and reduce energy costs.a

Furthermore, by scheduling annual maintenance, it will alleviate the burden that cooling season puts on a home’s air conditioning components, and reduce the wear and tear they experience. In effect, it is possible to extend the life of the air conditioning service, ensuring energy savings for years to come.