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Air conditioning repair bills in your Dallas home can be avoided by ensuring that all of your maintenance on the unit is up-to-date. These maintenance issues are the little things that always slip a homeowner’s mind, but they make up more 90 percent of all air conditioning repair costs.

Air conditioning repair can be due to a clogged condensate drip line. Failure to regularly change the air filters inside your home can also lead to AC failure. How about your electrical unit? A breaker trip is not the only issue, failures sometimes come from the exterior control unit, meaning a fuse could have blown. Refrigerant can also be an issue. An adequate level must be maintained to ensure the unit functions properly.

Many homeowners do not have the skills necessary to complete the required steps to keep their AC (both indoor and outdoor portions) in good working order. It is best for your unit to be professionally maintained, with routine maintenance and cleanings. These cleanings will remove any debris that has gotten into the unit and straighten the coils that bring the filtered air into the fan. Comprehensive services, like those offered by Crawford Services, will also include changing your filters and cleaning out the condensate line.

Your condensate line does not just drip water that your HVAC system has removed from the air, there is also dust and debris from your house that gets mixed in and eventually clogs up the lines and drip pans. These AC parts need to stay clean in order for proper drainage. Otherwise, you will just have to shell out more money for air conditioning repair and possibly even home repairs if there is an overflow.

Crawford Services changes the air filters, tests the capacitor, tests the refrigerant and tests the actual cool air that is being produced. These combined features will make sure that your air conditioning repair is either non-existent or minimal at worst.

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