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If your Dallas home’s air ducts have never been cleaned, you probably don’t even realize the immediate benefits you will get once it’s done. Duct cleaning can have a huge impact on your indoor air quality but because they get dirty over time, you often don’t realize when you need to clean them. While it’s good to have air ducts cleaned every few years, a few tell-tale signs will signal that you should have it done immediately.

Mold Growth
Look inside your air ducts (be sure to turn your air system off first). If you see mold growing on the metal inside, they’re in definite need of a cleaning. Mold spores can detach and start to circulate throughout your house with the aid of your air system. This is a major respiratory irritant and can cause severe health problems.

If you have had problems with rodents or insects in your ducts, you need to have them professionally removed. Once you’re sure the problem is taken care of, have your ducts cleaned so that no remnants of them can get in your home’s air.

Excess Dirt
Your air filters do most of the work when capturing particles from the air but if your ducts are dirty, even they won’t be able to help. If you can actually see dust coming from the supply registers as conditioned air enters your home, you know it’s time for a duct cleaning.

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