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crawford_12_6_12Radiant floor heating is one of the most comfortable ways to heat your home in our region. Instead of blowing warmed air throughout your home for short bursts of time, radiant heat provides even, thorough heating that warms all the surfaces in your home, starting with the floors. Hydronic systems use a boiler to heat water, while other type use electric resistance coils to create heat. Of the two, the hydronic system is the most energy efficient.

The heat you get with radiant floor systems is continuous instead of periodic. The heating coils lay in the concrete or on top of the slab and heated water circulates through them. As the floors warm, the heat rises, while the colder air falls close to the floor, where it’s warmed once again.

The specific benefits that radiant heat provides include:

  • Hydronic radiant heating can be 30 percent more energy efficient than forced-air systems.
  • Radiant heat is easy to zone, which makes it possible to heat just the rooms you use, a strategy that will lower your energy bills. Each zone has its own thermostat (or can be controlled from a central thermostat), so if you like having cooler bedrooms, you can turn the heat down and keep the living areas warmer.
  • Allergy sufferers won’t experience respiratory distress from radiant floor heating, since there’s no air movement. The air coming from a forced-air system may carry airborne particles that can irritate allergies or trigger asthma attacks.
  • These systems are durable. The PEX tubing lasts for decades.
  • There is no noise associated with radiant heating.
  • You’ll stay warm longer in a power outage with a radiant system. When the objects in your home are thoroughly warmed, they continue to release heat. Solid objects like your furniture, floors and walls release it more slowly than air, which cools quickly. The water inside the tubing also retains heat longer, which increases the length of time your home stays warm.

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