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The air conditioning repair bill can really bite you. If you live here in the Dallas area and you want to stay comfortable during these hot summer months, you really need to make sure that you are maintaining your AC unit. What that means is checking the condensate drain every three months, switching out or at least checking your air filter every month, cleaning out the interior of the unit and keeping the weeds and other growth away from it.

There may always be a time when you need air conditioning repair repair done, but you can minimize those instances just by doing the little things that prevent a bigger mess. Take for instance your condensate drip hose. The last thing you may think of may be the first thing that causes you to call for air conditioning repair service. These drips do not just get rid of the water in the air, but the dust, grime and allergens also. Mix all those together and you have an ugly mess that will build up in your drip line or in your drip pan. That buildup can cause the drain to malfunction and the next thing you will have is a mess on your floor as well as in the unit.thermostat

The same principle can be applied to the air filter. If it collects to much dust – to the point where air cannot travel through it anymore – you will burn the unit out and your air conditioning repair bill might turn into an air conditioning replacement bill. In other words, it is very important to stay on top of this.

The outside unit is built to stand up to the elements, but there are things that can get into the unit that will make it inefficient and give you cause for air conditioning repair. The main thing to look for is debris. Anything small can get inside the unit where the fan blows and cause a strain. But, the most important place to keep everything clean is the coils that surround the unit. Put simply, the fan blows the air upward, but it sucks the air from below through the coils. These coils are very thin metal and can easily be bent or moved. Kids love to do this to the thin metal strands of coil. If you have any bent or damaged like this, you need to take a thin knife and straighten them.

It is always the little things that will have you on the phone for air conditioning repair. The weeds and outside growth are the last thing you want to cause this. Keep them trimmed and away from the unit. It might also be a good idea to simply spray weed killer on all the vegetation around the unit. If you have bushes that you do not want to get rid of, just make sure to keep them trimmed.

Proper maintenance means fewer issues down the road – keeping money in your pocket and your home cool this summer.