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04_10_13Duct cleaning isn’t a cure-all for poor indoor air quality, but in certain cases it can make a perceptible difference. Keeping an eye out for signs of dirty ductwork is especially important in the Dallas area, where our climate encourages dust buildup and mold growth.

You may benefit from duct cleaning if:

  • Your registers are releasing clumps of dust or debris, or blowing visible particles into the air.
  • You can see mold in or around your ducts.
  • You notice signs of rodent or insect infestation, such as mouse droppings or dead insects.
  • You’ve had construction done recently. Newly built and remodeled homes often have construction debris left over in the ductwork.

If you’re dealing with any of these issues, after a professional duct cleaning, you can look forward to:

Fewer air contaminants – When debris blows out of your registers, it becomes airborne and there’s a chance you’ll breathe some of it in. These debris particles irritate your airways and can worsen allergy and asthma symptoms.

Better smelling air – Over time, duct buildup may produce unpleasant odors that permeate your home. This is especially true with mold and rodent infestations. Get rid of the buildup and you’ll probably find your home smells better.

Greater efficiency – Air flows through clean ducts more easily than through ducts blocked with buildup. After duct cleaning, your system will heat and cool more effectively. Because your system won’t have to work so hard to do its job, your energy costs will fall, too.

We follow the cleaning procedures outlined by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). As part of your cleaning, we’ll:

  • Disassemble, clean and replace all supply registers and return air grilles.
  • Clean the ducts with a Rotobrush machine. This machine gently dislodges stuck-on debris, then immediately vacuums it up.
  • Mist the ducts with an anti-microbial treatment to hold off mold and bacterial growth.

Some dust in the ductwork is normal and doesn’t necessarily mean a cleaning is in order. In many cases, duct cleaning would be an unnecessary expenditure.

To help you decide whether or not your ducts need cleaning, Crawford Services offers a free, no-obligation ductwork evaluation. A technician will use a duct camera to assess your ducts, then work with you to choose the best course of action. The technician will also offer suggestions for addressing the cause of any excess buildup.

If you suspect your ducts are dirty or you have other concerns about your indoor air quality, get in touch with us at Crawford Services. We provide value-driven HVAC solutions in Dallas and the surrounding area.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in North Texas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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