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Geothermal cooling and heating provides North Texas homeowners with an extremely efficient and money-saving method of maintaining home comfort in all seasons. Heat pumps can attain astonishingly high levels of efficiency (300 to 600 percent, in some cases) while producing no greenhouse gases or other harmful emissions. Geothermal units are clean and quiet and can save homeowners up to 70 percent on their seasonal heating and cooling bills.

Heat pumps achieve these high-quality results through their unique mode of operation. In general, geothermal heat pumps operate much the same as a traditional heat pump. Both use water or a compressed, high-pressure liquid coolant to capture heat and move it either into or out of your home to maintain seasonally appropriate temperatures. While a conventional heat pump uses heat from the air, a geothermal model uses heat generated naturally below the surface of the ground or a body of water.

A few feet under the ground, temperatures are always about a consistently mild temperature, somewhere around 50 – 60 degrees, no matter what the temperature is on the surface. Geothermal heat pumps move and exchange heat through a series of pipes buried in the ground at this consistent-temperature depth. These units do not have to work harder to extract heat from cold outside air, which can cause air-source systems to use more electricity. Instead, they shift heat back and forth from a source that stays about the same temperature all the time. This leads to highly efficient operation, better levels of indoor comfort and reduced power consumption.

Geothermal systems require more of an upfront investment versus conventional air conditioning systems. There are three main areas of savings where home owners will quickly recoup this investment and then begin to see a positive payback:

  • A 30% tax credit on the initial installation.
  • Up to 70% savings annually on utility bills required to operate your AC system.
  • Geothermal heat pumps last up to 3 times longer than conventional equipment, because the equipment is indoors instead of outside, and is not subject to the outdoor elements and have ideal operating conditions with little stress on the equipment.

However, they can be as much as 50 percent more efficient than even high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. The dramatically increased efficiency and comfort they provide can make the investment in geothermal cooling and heating a wise long-term option.

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