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04_18_13Geothermal energy provides Dallas area homeowners with an efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound source of home heating and cooling.

A geothermal system takes advantage of the fact that the ground maintains remarkable temperature consistency, absorbing much of the solar energy from the sun’s rays as they hit the ground. A properly installed geothermal energy system uses a buried earth loop to convert this free energy into affordable and energy-efficient central heating and cooling.

In the heating cycle, the geothermal heat pump uses the earth loop (carrying a water/antifreeze mix) to extract collected solar heat from underground. After the system removes heat from the loop, it’s distributed into your home via your air ducts. For geothermal cooling, the heating process is reversed to create cool, conditioned air for the home. Instead of removing heat from the ground, heat is pulled from the air in your home and either returned to the earth loop and the ground, or used to preheat water in your storage water-heating tank.

Geothermal energy offers heating and cooling customers several very attractive benefits, including:

  • Extremely high efficiency: Geothermal heating systems can be highly efficient, often returning three or four units of heating per each unit of electricity consumed by the system. The fact that geothermal systems capture and move heat readily available underground (or underwater) rather than burning fuel to generate heat accounts for this type of efficiency.
  • Consistency and flexibility: Geothermal energy systems can be used in any climate and can be adapted for use in almost any residential setting, from urban to suburban to rural.
  • Low cost of operation: With geothermal heating and cooling, you can knock your monthly energy bills down by as much as 70 percent. Though geothermal can be expensive to install, the monthly savings alone can pay for the system by about the halfway point of its useful life span. Further reducing the costs, the federal government, through 2016, is offering a 30 percent energy tax credit for qualifying geothermal systems.
  • Environmentally friendly: Geothermal systems do not burn fuel to produce heat, so they do not produce greenhouse gases or harmful exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide. Because they are so energy efficient, they use less electricity, which reduces demand on your local utility company.
  • Inexpensive water. Geothermal heat pumps are often equipped with the ability to use warmth removed from your home in the summer for low-cost water heating.

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