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Your air conditioning service needs its filter changed every few months in order to work at peak efficiency to keep your home comfortable. There are many things that play into having an efficient air conditioning service, but a key factor is your system’s air filter. Keeping a clean and efficient filter in your air conditioning service positively affects the system and your home in many ways.

Filter Properties

Filters come in various sizes and types. Some are made to be disposable, while others can be cleaned and reused. The air cleaning properties of a filter are defined by the MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which ranges from 1 to 16 for residential use, and evaluates a filter’s efficiency based on how small of particles it will filter out. The higher the number, the smaller (and more) particles will be stopped.

Effects of Bad Filters

If you have an old, dirty filter in your air conditioning service, it will interfere with airflow, greatly reducing its efficiency. This, in turn, forces the air conditioning service to work harder to get the home cool, which costs you money. A clogged filter will also allow dust and debris to build in your air conditioning service, which can damage important parts, often requiring repairs as well as expensive duct cleaning.

When to Replace

It helps to have a regular schedule for changing your cooling system filter. If you have a maintenance agreement with a local professional who comes by regularly, he can change out the filter at that time. However, since it’s advisable to change the filter every two or three months, you should replace it yourself during periods of high use, such as in the middle of the summer.

A clogged filter in your cooling system is an easily fixed problem, and doing so can result in big savings and greater comfort inside your home.