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Geothermal energy is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. There are certainly many advantages to making the switch to a geothermal system for cooling your home. The air temperature around our homes may fluctuate with the seasons and the time of day, but the ground on which our homes stand stays remarkably constant throughout the year. It is these stable temperatures underground which can be harnessed to provide cooling, heating and hot water systems which are incredibly energy efficient — this in itself is always a great selling point for the majority of homeowners these days. As energy prices soar and we are all made increasingly aware of the importance of turning to eco-friendly energy solutions, a geothermal solution is quickly becoming a more common choice for homeowners.

Most people are familiar with the concept behind solar energy, but many do not realize that around half of that energy is actually absorbed into the ground – and utilizing that energy can help to save up to 80 percent on the energy we use to heat and cool our homes and provide hot water for our showers and baths.

So how do geothermal energy systems work?

The usual model for a geothermal system involves sealed piping, which is placed beneath the ground through which water circulates with a little help from a heat pump system. This helps facilitate the exchange of heat between the earth and your property. During the colder winter months, the higher temperature of the ground is absorbed, concentrated and pumped into homes providing a warm,comfortable stream of air. During the summer the opposite can be employed. In this case, the heatpump absorbs the heat from your property before transferring it into the circulating water system,leaving your home feeling cool and comfortable.

Installing a geothermal energy system for your home can help to save a substantial amount of money on energy bills. The systems have considerably less work to do than more traditional heating and cooling systems – whereas furnaces utilizing fossil fuels are generally 80 percent to 90 percent efficient, many of these geothermal heat pumps have incredible efficiency of up to 450 percent. Not only does this help to reduce your heating and cooling bills, but it is also an incredible Eco-friendly method of heating and cooling your home.

We all have to do our bit these days to help preserve fossil fuels and reduce the carbon emissions which are slowly strangling our fragile planet. Geothermal energy systems are just one small step which can help you to do just that.

So is geothermal the right choice for cooling your home? Why not call in the experts and find out?