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crawford_1_1_12No doubt you already appreciate the way a ceiling fan’s cool breeze mitigates the Texas summer heat, but did you know the ceiling fans in your Dallas-Fort Worth area home can keep you warmer in winter, too?

Heat naturally rises, so without anything to circulate the air, the temperature will always be higher near your ceiling than at floor level. The difference is especially great if you have high ceilings or a heating system that doesn’t circulate the air. Using your ceiling fans in winter to circulate air has a number of benefits:

  • Warmer temperatures at floor level
  • More even heating
  • Less condensation on windows
  • Lower heating costs

The trick is to set your fans so the blades rotate clockwise (as you look up at them). Check the motor housing for a switch that lets you choose the direction the blades turn. Running the ceiling fans in your Dallas-Fort Worth home clockwise prevents them from creating a breeze. Instead, they push warm air near the ceiling up and outward, so it circulates toward the edges of the room, then down toward floor level. The result is more even heating throughout the room.

If you have a two-story home, you’ve probably noticed how the upper level tends to overheat while the lower level stays chilly. A ceiling fan mounted at the top of the stairwell helps bring excess warm air from upstairs down to the lower level where it’s needed.

Better circulation of warm air may allow you to turn down your thermostat, too. For every degree you turn your heat down, you could save up to 1 percent on your heating bill, note experts from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Granted, using ceiling fans “both ways” in an area where winter temperatures can range from balmy to frigid – such as here in North Texas – can be tricky. Just make sure you adjust the blade rotation to fit your needs. When the temps move into the 80s in April, you don’t want that ceiling fan blowing air toward the ceiling.

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