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AC condensation is a unique component to your central air unit that makes for a more comfortable lifestyle, especially in your Texas home. Just consider what makes the summers so miserable here in Texas: humidity! Sure it is hot, but if you did not have the humidity to go with it, it might be a little more tolerable. The same goes for inside your home. If your home has a lot of moisture in it, then the temperature can only help so much.

03_21_13That is why central air units are equipped with an evaporator. These cooled units receive the warm air in your house through the return air ducts. Once they reach the evaporator, the air is cooled and water is removed from the air. The cooled air is then sent back through the house and repurposed for comfort. The AC condensation is then discarded through a line or a drip pan and returned to the outdoors.

There are a few important things to remember: It is okay if your condensate line drips all the time. That just means moisture is being pulled from the air and discarded. The AC condensation also includes the dust and debris from inside the house, so it has the potential for buildup. In cases like these, it is a good idea to check your condensate line often. Lastly, even though the evaporator coil removes the dust and water from the returned air, it is important to change your air filter quite often because the dust and allergens can still get through.

You might also utilize the AC condensation that comes from your house to water plants and gardens. It is always a good idea to put that excess water back into the ground, so why not keep your garden healthy with it? It is okay if the dust is mixed in with it, vegetation grows outdoors with it there already.

Keep your home running smoothly this summer by understanding your system and keeping it properly maintained.