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07_02_13Geothermal energy is a clean, efficient and economical source for residential cooling and heating. Keeping your geothermal heat pump working at its top level of performance requires regular maintenance and repair of problems as they occur. In cooperation with your geothermal specialist, you can take effective steps to keep your heat pump working like it should.

What you can do if a problem arises

  • Check the power supply. Make sure the heat pump is plugged in and receiving electrical power.
  • Check air filters and coils. Dirty filters and coils can cause problems with the system’s airflow and head pressures. Clean the coils and change the air filters if they are dirty.
  • Look at temperature settings. Make sure the thermostat has been set to an appropriate temperature and mode (heating or cooling) for the season.
  • Check for physical problems. Carefully inspect the system for leaks, disconnected wiring or physical problems that could cause malfunctions.

What your geothermal energy systems expert can do

Your geothermal system professional has the necessary expertise and equipment to test for and repair technical issues. He will look for problems such as:

  • Reduced effectiveness and efficiency: Could be an issue with restricted system airflow. Check and change air filter.
  • No cooling: Cooling levels can be affected by low refrigerant charge, scale build-up in the heat exchanger, restricted metering devices, or a defective reversing valve. The system thermostat may need to be moved to another location so that it senses indoor temperature changes more accurately.
  • High indoor humidity: This could be caused by too much airflow or an oversized system. Your technician can adjust the fan motor speed to help resolve the problem.
  • Problems with the loop system. The use of geothermal energy for heating and cooling requires a functioning loop system where heat capture and release occurs in the ground (or water). Your technician will make sure the loop pumps are working properly and that there is appropriate pressure in the loop system.

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