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Your AC repair technician can help you identify issues that can greatly affect your home’s energy efficiency, like old HVAC systems, and even locating air leaks. Finding and fixing air leaks will provide many benefits, including keeping your heating and cooling and AC repair costs lower, and your house more comfortable.

Drafts are a tell-tale sign that a home has air leaks. They make it difficult for rooms to stay at the desired temperature, and you have to constantly adjust the thermostat to make up for the drafts.

Drafts can lower indoor air quality, which leads to an increase of asthma and allergy symptoms, and decreases your family’s overall health. Air leaks also cause the HVAC system to work harder, which increases costs and reduces its life. Once that happens, you can expect a hefty repair bill, or even a much more expensive AC replacement. You’ll also face the same problems in the future if you don’t get the original problem fixed.

Locating places where air is leaking from a home is relatively simple since most air loss occurs in the same types of locations in homes. If air is leaking from window and door frames, try weatherstripping to seal the leaks. While this is not an issue the AC repair tech can help with, a new set of windows and doors can make a dramatic difference in a home’s energy costs.

Damaged ductwork is another common area for air leaks, and these holes and cracks can be sealed with duct sealant or foil tape, and this IS an AC repair tech issue. Ask your HVAC contractor to do an energy audit and fix any of the ductwork issues he can find.

Professional help may be required to ensure your home is operating at its maximum efficiency. A qualified AC repair technician can perform an energy evaluation to find exactly where a home is losing air. He or she can also provide proper preventive maintenance and AC repair to the cooling and heating equipment to extend its life.