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04_24_13A Dallas HVAC contractor has a tough job. Our North Texas weather is usually either too hot and humid or too cold and dry for comfort, so it takes exceptional know-how to design a system that provides comfort year round. One of the most effective ways an HVAC expert can achieve this goal is with a zoning system.

Most homes have just one thermostat that controls the temperature throughout the house. This usually leaves some areas too hot or cold. With a zoning system, you’ll have more precise control over temperatures in separate parts of your home.

The system is based on programmable thermostats in each zone and dampers inside your air ducts. The thermostats allow you to independently control temperatures in two to four zones in your home.

The dampers direct airflow based on the selected temperatures. They send conditioned air in your ducts away from zones that need less heating or cooling and toward zones that need more. Your trusted Dallas HVAC contractor can help you define your zones and choose your ideal temperatures.

Among the benefits you’ll see from zoning:

Greater comfort – With a zoned system, you’ll no longer have to put up with uncomfortable temperatures in certain parts of your home.

Energy savings – Programmable thermostats provide an easy way to limit heating and cooling in parts of the house that are unoccupied at certain times. For instance, you may decide not to condition your bedroom for most of the day. You’ll no longer waste money over-heating or cooling one area just to get a comfortable temperature in another.

No more thermostat battles – Instead of trying to find one temperature that pleases everyone, with zoning you can ensure everyone has a part of the house where they feel comfortable.

While some homes won’t benefit much from zoning, others are ideal candidates. These include:

Multi-story or sprawling homes – Multi-story homes can be hard to heat evenly because hot air rises. The upper stories often become overheated even when the lower levels are chilly. Even single-story homes are hard to condition consistently when they’ve got a lot of square footage.

Homes with unused spaces – These could be bedrooms you rarely enter during the day or spare rooms you keep closed for months at a time.

Homes with large areas of glass – This includes rooms with large windows or glass doors as well as solariums, atriums and other large glass-enclosed spaces. Because glass is a poor insulator, these areas need special temperature control.

If you’re tired of inconsistent temperatures, an experienced Dallas HVAC contractor can help you find a solution. To get started contact us at Crawford Services. We provide friendly, cost-effective services in the Dallas area.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in North Texas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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