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You know your geothermal system can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And you’ve got your ceiling fans running every summer to help keep the temperature down. But did you know that you can use ceiling fans to your advantage in the winter as well?

Many people avoid using ceiling fans when the temperature drops outside because of the cool breeze they create. But, just reverse the direction the blades spin — clockwise, instead of counterclockwise — it creates an updraft that sends warm air from the geothermal system that has collected near the ceiling back down into the living space, and helps your geothermal system work more efficiently.

It’s important to keep the fan spinning on the lowest setting in the winter so the updraft moves slowly. Otherwise, it could create cooling air movement that would defeat the fan’s usefulness for geothermal home heating.

Homes with vaulted ceilings or open stairways benefit the most from ceiling fans in the winter. Since hot air naturally rises, homes with lots of open space overhead experience uneven heating and higher energy bills. The updraft from a fan on a vaulted ceiling sends warm air back down to the edges of the room.

Install a ceiling fan at the top of an open stairway to help mix the air more evenly. It keeps the upper story from becoming overly warm. Even if you don’t have vaulted ceilings or open stairways, ceiling fans can still reduce your geothermal heating costs and help decrease condensation buildup on window panes that can lead to moisture damage.

Running a ceiling fan costs mere pennies per day — even less if you choose an Energy Star rated fan. Installing and using ceiling fans properly in your home can help you save up to 10 percent on your heating bills while helping your home feel more comfortable as well.

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