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crawford_12_27_12Dust, dust mites, pollen, chemical vapors and other indoor air pollutants show up in every home, but you don’t have to put up with them. Beyond upgrading your HVAC air filters or installing an air cleaner, there are a number of effective, affordable ways to improve the air quality in your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

  1. Maintain good humidity – Dust mites and mold thrive in high humidity. To control these allergens, keep your home’s humidity level at around 30 to 50 percent. Given the high summertime humidity levels in Texas, you may benefit from a whole-house dehumidifier. Once installed in your HVAC system, this type of dehumidifier will regulate humidity throughout your home with little need for maintenance.
  2. Schedule a radon test – Radon is a naturally occurring, odorless gas that enters your home through the ground or through well water. This radioactive gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. To find out if your home contains high radon levels, use a radon test kit or hire a qualified contractor to run the test.
  3. Freshen your floors – Place a door mat at every exterior door to trap the dirt, pollen and pesticide residue tracked in on shoes. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to pick up remaining contaminants as well as dust mites, pet dander and fire-retardant residue from the carpet. To capture even more debris, mop uncarpeted floors with a microfiber mop.
  4. Skip synthetic scents – The chemicals that lend air fresheners, laundry softeners and similar products their scent could be harmful to your health. For better air quality in your home, switch to fragrance-free or naturally scented products. Avoid aerosol sprays, which may contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, phenols and toluene.
  5. Smoke only outside – Secondhand smoke is laden with harmful chemicals and is the greatest source of indoor air pollution. To keep your home’s air clean, step outside to smoke.

For more expert guidance on improving the air quality in your North Texas home, including tips on dehumidifiers and air cleaners, please contact us at Crawford Services, Inc. We provide the Dallas-Fort Worth area with reliable HVAC care.