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crawford_12_20_12Autumn is a good time to schedule an HVAC maintenance inspection with a local contractor. You don’t want to find out that there’s anything wrong with your heating equipment in the middle of winter. Make sure that you’re prepared for your HVAC maintenance inspection by following these tips:

  • There are a few things that you can do yourself before the maintenance visit. This includes checking your thermostat and making sure it has fully charged batteries or power, checking your circuit breakers, and changing your air filters if they’re dirty.
  • If you haven’t been in your home for very long, make sure you know where your HVAC system components are located. This way you can lead the contractor to your thermostat, circuit box, heat pump and/or furnace without any trouble.
  • Check your HVAC equipment and write down the brand names and model numbers in case the contractor needs them.
  • Write down any problems that you’re having, whether one of your rooms doesn’t cool or heat properly, if there’s condensation in your home, or anything else. Try to estimate how long you’ve been having the problem. Writing this down will ensure you don’t forget to mention it.
  • Clear the areas around your HVAC units. Remove any boxes, furniture or other items so the contractor has easy access and doesn’t end up hurting him- or herself trying to reach your equipment.
  • If you cannot make it home in time for the inspection, make sure that someone over the age of 18 is at home during the scheduled appointment time. That person should have all the necessary information.

Follow these simple tips prior to your HVAC maintenance appointment in order to get the most out of your inspection. Contact Crawford Services, Inc. to schedule an appointment today. We provide the greater Dallas area with expert HVAC services as well as superior customer care.