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Ask a Dallas plumber and he’ll tell you that low-flow toilets now offer superior performance to the old-school, water-wasting models they replace. This wasn’t always the case: Early low-flow units introduced in the 1990s under-performed, and customer satisfaction suffered. Today’s low-flow toilets meet stringent federal EPA requirements for efficiency, and conserve water while also providing improved operation over standard models. Toilets are overwhelmingly the largest single user of water in the average household, representing about 30 percent of the home’s total water consumption. Here are some guidelines when thinking about having a Dallas plumber install low-flow toilets in your bathroom renovation project:

Look for labels that specifically identify models as high efficiency toilets (HETs). These models, which use 1.30 gallons per flush (gpf) or less, conserve the most water and deliver the greatest savings.
To make sure you’re getting the greatest efficiency along with superior performance, a Dallas plumber will usually recommend one with the EPA’s “WaterSense” label. These toilets meet HET standards plus have passed a third-party certification process to verify performance. Over its average service life, a residential toilet will be flushed 140,000 times. Upgrading standard 3.5 gpf toilets with HET models can save 4,000 gallons per year.

Don’t be distracted by high-priced options or aesthetics. Stay focused on specifications that guarantee water efficiency and performance. Paying a higher price for a more aesthetic design or color scheme may not deliver higher efficiency.

Try out a number of toilets with different heights, seat types and rim conformations. Round and elongated bowls are commonly available, but take measurements in your bathroom before you shop to make sure an elongated model can fit in the existing space without alterations.

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