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Will Dallas air conditioning repair costs keep you from enjoying a balmy Texas springtime? Not if you practice some basic annual maintenance on your Dallas HVAC systems first. By running a regular maintenance program, you can prevent air conditioning repair problems, and make sure you stay comfortable all year round.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many homeowners in Dallas don’t think to have their air conditioners serviced until it breaks down. Unfortunately, this usually happens at the peak of the cooling season, when they’re running their system the hardest. By scheduling AC maintenance in the spring, you can prevent getting caught in this last-minute rush for Dallas air conditioning repair and service.

If there is something wrong with your A/C, wouldn’t you rather catch it now, instead of risking a breakdown during the hottest part of the year? In addition to saving yourself on sweltering inconvenience, catching small problems early allows your technician to make necessary adjustments and prevent costly and unnecessary system damage down the road. This saves you money in repairs and prevents the need for early component replacements.

Consider some of the items we cover in this thorough inspection: We test electronics for operational safety, we clean the heating coils, and inspect the ducts for efficiency, sealing any and all leaks to prevent energy loss and dust infiltration. We also check your refrigerant charge, searching out and repair any leaks in your system, and change the air filters so they provide cleaner air in your home.

Doing this improves the maximum efficiency of your HVAC system over the long term, and helps you avoid costly air conditioning repair sooner than you need it.

In addition to saving you on the expenses associated with emergency air conditioning repair calls and early replacements, springtime maintenance will also enhance A/C efficiency, increasing your comfort and reducing your energy costs. What’s more, by scheduling annual maintenance, you alleviate the burden that cooling season puts on your components, and reduce their wear and tear.

An energy savings agreement with Crawford Services qualifies the homeowner to get priority service on any repairs, no overtime or after hour charges, 15% discount on all air conditioning repair, and a 1 year guarantee on all repairs or workmanship.

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