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Water heater repair can be inconvenient and costly, often coming at the time you needed a quick shower because you were running late to work. But you can avoid the headache of water heater repair if you just get an annual inspection done by trained professionals.
This service is particularly important in an area such as Dallas-Ft. Worth, where hard water sediment is a common problem, and water heater repair goes on constantly.

For gas water heaters, cleaning the burners is part of professional water heater maintenance. The service technician will check flues and vents for any sign of leaking exhaust fumes.

Both electric and gas heaters contain a “sacrificial anode” suspended inside the tank. This metal rod is subject to corrosion, a consequence of electrolytic processes as water heats. Without the anode, the tank itself will corrode. A water heater repair professional can check the anode’s condition and replace the rod.

The annual inspection also involves draining and refilling the water heater. Once the heater is empty, the service technician will clean the inside and thereby increase the water heater’s life span and efficiency.
You can prolong water heater life with some routine water heater maintenance of your own by performing these simple tasks:

To minimize the buildup of calcium carbonate sediment, partially drain the water heater two to four times a year. First shut off the heater, then attach a garden hose to the drainage valve near the tank bottom. Open the valve and drain off a bucketful of water.

Periodically test the T&P valve, near the top of the tank. Pull up part way on the valve’s lever and release. Lifting the lever should cause gurgling, as some water drains from the vertical tube attached to the valve. If this doesn’t happen, contact your water heater repair tech at Crawford Services to have the valve replaced.
You can avoid water heater repair with some basic maintenance and the annual checkup to keep small problems from becoming big ones. Just work with water heater professionals like Crawford Services to keep everything running properly.