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02_14_13Searching for a Dallas plumber? When your water heater stops working effectively, you can be justifiably eager to get the system functioning again at its best level. Before turning to your local trusted Dallas plumber, try a few of the following troubleshooting tips to see if they help get the hot water flowing like you expect.

  • Check the area: If your water heater is in an area of your home that is not heated, it will not be able to heat water as efficiently as it would if it was placed in a conditioned area. Even just blocking drafts and cold air leaks will improve the heater’s performance. Check the area around the water heater and seal leaks, caulk windows or stop cold air drafts.
  • Insulate the pipes: As hot water travels from the heater to your kitchen, bathrooms, basement or other areas, the water inside the pipes can lose a lot of heat energy and cool off. To prevent excess cooling in the pipes, insulate them wherever you can reach them. Ask your Dallas plumber about pre-made insulating sheaths; usually, these can be found at your hardware or HVAC supply store. If that doesn’t work, wrap the pipes in standard fiberglass roll insulation.
  • Insulate the water heater itself: Storage-type water heaters can experience standby heat loss as water sits in the storage tank before being used. You can reduce this wasteful loss by insulating the water heater itself. Pre-made blankets, which are custom-shaped insulation coverings for a water heater, should be available through your hardware store or HVAC supplier.
  • Check the dip tube: Make sure the dip tube, the pipe that runs from the cold water supply to the bottom of the tank, is not damaged, broken or cracked. If the dip tube is damaged, it could be letting cold water mingle with and cool the hot water inside the heater. Call a licensed plumber to evaluate the dip tube for you and ask him or her to show you the existing tube so you can determine if this is the problem. it is a simple fix and can save you alot of money on future repairs and the costs to heat your water.

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