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commercial-homeA commercial HVAC system is one area where it definitely pays to use only experienced and licensed professional services. Some commercial organizations may neglect this important need because they perceive high costs due to the large amount of area to be covered – but regular maintenance is certainly a cheaper option than waiting until your commercial HVAC system is not working efficiently or in need of replacement.

Taking out a contract with a reputable organization can help to ensure that your commercial HVAC unit is regularly serviced and maintained without any expensive surprises – it really is the affordable option.

It pays to make sure that any HVAC unit is well maintained and regularly serviced in order for it to run efficiently.  It is also imperative to replace any worn parts before they become a major problem. Regularly maintained commercial HVAC units are cost effective and fuel efficient, doing the same job for much less than a unit which is in desperate need of a service. If any unit is not regularly maintained the cost of repair or replacement far outweighs the costs of servicing and maintenance.

One of the most energy efficient methods for commercial HVAC involves zoning, which is certainly advisable in any larger commercial organization.  The same zoning practice can also make a big difference in many private homes. The benefits of zoning your commercial HVAC systems include:

Precise temperature control – each separate area of your commercial building can be kept at a separate temperature by the installation of separate thermostats in each of the individual zones. Some areas may need to be kept warmer or cooler than others – some areas may not need to be heated or cooled at all.

Energy efficiency – zoning is the energy saving option, particularly in a large commercial building. Your company need only pay to heat or cool the areas which require the temperature change. This can have a significant impact on energy bills as well as helping to reduce the carbon footprint of any business. Saving money and helping to save the environment are two very worthwhile benefits of zoning.

Reduced operating and maintenance costs – zoned commercial HVAC units will typically help to reduce operating maintenance costs overall. Maintenance costs may be significantly reduced on two smaller units, as opposed to the cost of replacement of one larger unit.  The smaller units are also typically “worked” less because of the zoning, so they are able to last longer than their larger, overworked counterparts.

The telltale signs of commercial HVAC unit repair are easy to spot yet costly to ignore. Of course, with regular servicing your experienced and professional service engineer will be able to advise you of any potential problems in the foreseeable future, and replace any worn parts before they cause problems in other areas of the unit.  He will also be able to advise you when your unit is getting past its “use by date,” and making replacement the only viable and sensible option.

Signs that it is time for repair and maintenance include:

  •         Your commercial HVAC is clearly not working as efficiently as it should . . . in short, it’s not doing the job it was designed to do. Maybe the air is simply not as cold as it should be when the system is running at full tilt? That’s a sure sign that all is not well with your unit, and it is in need of repair or replacement.


  •         If the airflow from your commercial HVAC unit is weak, there is another sign that something is not working as efficiently as it should be. It could be problems with a failing compressor, or another part of your system that has gone corrupt.  Your professional service engineer will know what to do.


  •         If some areas are at the desired temperature and others are not, this is another sign that all is not well with your unit.


  •         Excessive water pools are yet another sign that your commercial HVAC is in need of urgent attention. These may be gathered close to your unit indicating a damaged drainage tube – if this is allowed to continue it can cause real problems in the not too distant future.


  •         Funny noises coming from your commercial HVAC are another giveaway that all is not working as smoothly and efficiently as it should be.  Call your service engineer immediately to prevent a major breakdown.
  •         Funny smells are another sign which you may notice to indicate that the unit is not working efficiently and effectively. You may notice a musty or a pungent smell – both need immediate attention.

The smart business manager knows that it really does pay to have a professional, experienced and licensed engineer to take care of your commercial HVAC needs.  Many commercial HVAC companies provide maintenance agreements that can save you additional money, and help you remember to get those annual tune-ups performed in a timely manner!