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03_05_13Optimize your Dallas heating and air conditioning residence by using a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat, you can expect almost total control over the operation of your home heating and cooling systems, along with substantial savings on your monthly home comfort expenses.

To get the best performance from your Dallas heating and air conditioning system, stick to the following programmable thermostat best practices:

  • Use the unit’s set points: The set points are pre-programmed temperature settings that optimize your HVAC system’s ability to operate at different levels. With set points, you can set the system to reduce operation during times when it’s not needed, such as during the day when your home is empty. The set points will then automatically increase heating or cooling to make your home comfortable in time for everyone’s return from work or school. Maintain set points for at least eight hours at a time for maximum efficiency.
  • Avoid abrupt temperature setting shifts at the thermostat: If your home’s environment is not comfortable enough, it’s tempting to make abrupt, large setting shifts at the thermostat to compensate. Avoid this temptation. Quick changes at the thermostat do not make your Dallas heating or air conditioning system work any faster. Instead, you’ll only waste energy and money. Use smaller adjustments at the thermostat to allow the unit to work at its best by sensing indoor temperature changes and gradually increasing heating or cooling.
  • Use manual overrides and vacation features sparingly: If needed, set points can be manually adjusted on the spot or set to operate consistently for extended periods. They are convenient features, but overusing them eliminates the benefits of having a programmable thermostat. Use vacation holds only for times when you’ll actually be away from your home for days. Avoid using overrides and vacation settings for day-to-day operation of your HVAC systems.

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