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In Dallas, a digital thermostat is a truly useful tool to make sure your temperature control is as efficient as it can be. Digital thermostats are definitely a unique upgrade over the old analog thermostats, and they can also be easier to use.

Analog thermostats, and those with the plastic wheels that set temperatures, use mercury vials to take temperatures – and they also contain a lot of moving parts. While these were useful back in the old days (or should we say better than nothing at all), they have quickly become dated. That is because they, like all other thermostats, are hung on walls and are constantly being bumped or jarred. So why does that make it any better for digital thermostats? Well, the old case and wheel thermostats are easily thrown off and constantly need to be adjusted.  Digital thermostats, however, do not require recalibration and are not harmed by typical wear-and-tear type use.

thermostatWith the recalibration needed for analog thermostats, plus the fact that they are not able to change temperatures on a schedule, upgrading to a digital thermostat can save you quite a bit of money.  Digital thermostats are programmable, giving homeowners the ability to cut their electric bills by as much as 20 percent.  When programmed to recognize the times when you are home and away, a digital thermostat is able to maintain comfortable temps while you are home and consume less energy while you are away. Using thermistors to take temperature readings instead of mercury, digital thermostats return readings that are more accurate.  They are also safer to use because there is no risk of mercury leakage.

If you are ready to increase the energy efficiency of your home, call Crawford Services today.  Our technicians can help you find the right thermostat to fit your living situation, and give you the ability to save big on the cost to run your home.