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Our long, hot North Texas summers leave many homeowners wishing for a way to lower their high energy bills. The same applies to our chilly winter months. Cooling and heating your home uses a substantial amount of the energy that you pay for each month. By evaluating the areas of your home that affect home comfort, you can find ways to reduce those high energy bills.

Your cooling and heating equipment is a logical place to start. For example, you can see significant savings by upgrading to a high-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump if your present equipment is more than a decade old. If an upgrade is not in the cards this year or if you have already upgraded and want to save even more money, preventative maintenance can help your system run more efficiently. Replacing the filters, lubricating the motor and other maintenance tasks help your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace run more smoothly and use less energy to cool and heat your home. As a bonus, HVAC appliances that receive routine tune-ups typically last longer and break down less often than those that don’t receive maintenance.

Another area to look at is the amount of insulation you have and where it’s located. The best place to start is your attic, where adding insulation is relatively simple and has the best payoff in terms of energy savings. The hot summer sun beating down on your roof can cause your attic to reach 150 degrees or higher. Having a layer of insulation between your living space and all that heat will ease the load on your air cooling system. Also considering adding insulation to your exterior walls, basement and between floors for added energy savings.

You should also evaluate the state of your ductwork. As much as 30 percent of your heating and cooling costs can be attributed to lost energy from leaking or uninsulated ducts. Minor duct leaks can be repaired with mastic sealant. Avoid using duct tape, which won’t last very long.

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