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crawford_12_18_12Autumn is a great time to perform home maintenance. Making sure that everything is working as efficiently as it should will benefit your North Texas home especially come winter. Following are home maintenance tips you should follow so you’re ready for the upcoming cold season.

  • Contact an experienced contractor in order to schedule an inspection of your heating system. Gas and oil furnaces should be inspected and cleaned every year, preferably at the beginning of the heating system. Heat pumps generally work best with semi-annual maintenance, once in the fall and another time before the cooling season starts.
  • Check and clean your chimneys for obstructions such as debris, leaves or nests.
  • If your gas furnace has a pilot light, turn it on and turn your thermostat up to heat. You’ll want to test the furnace to make sure it’s operating correctly by raising the thermostat until your furnace begins working. Newer furnaces are equipped with automatic ignition, but still need to be tested.
  • Now that you’ll be using your heating system on a regular basis, make sure that you check your furnace filter once a month and change when it gets dirty. Check your ventilation system filters every other month.
  • Make sure that your ductwork is free from any tears or holes. Check the joints to make sure they are sealed tightly. Use mastic sealant or metal tape to seal them.
  • Test your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, and change their batteries if they run on them.
  • Check your windows to make sure they close tightly, and use caulk or weatherstripping to seal any air leaks.
  • Check your doors and make sure they shut tightly. Use weatherstripping to seal air leaks.
  • Cover up your outside air conditioning condensing unit and turn the power off. It’s better to lay a board, or something similar, on top of the outside unit than to cover or wrap it entirely. That will enclose any residual moisture during the winter months, causing rust.

Follow these home maintenance tips this fall so that you’ll be ready for winter. To schedule an inspection of your heating system, please contact us at Crawford Services, Inc. We offer the highest-quality HVAC services in the Dallas metro area.