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Choosing the right HVAC for new construction can help to make a big difference in the future. After discussing the options with your architect it’s important that you seek a specialist’s advice for all HVAC for new construction projects – there’s a lot to think about when it comes to heating and cooling your future home efficiently.

DHomeAdLarger homes can be zoned for maximum energy efficiency – there is really no point in heating up large portions of a property which are not in regular use – the ability to close off portions of a larger property can make a big difference to both the energy bills and comfort of a home. After all, isn’t it better to keep a small portion of your home warm and cozy rather than keeping the entire property at a cooler, affordable temperature?

So what other things do you need to think about when choosing the best HVAC for new construction?

You will only need to consider air conditioning if the air temperature regularly rises above the 85 degree mark, if you are building your home in a cooler climate then air conditioning really might not be necessary. Air conditioning units can, however, make a difference to the overall re-sale value of a home regardless of where it is.

When it comes to HVAC for new construction, size matters – but bigger is not necessarily better.If the chosen system is too large for the property it is supposed to heat it will not run efficiently. Instead it will get caught up in a constant cycle of switching on and off, wearing out components and never quite running at the optimum temperature.

Price does matter when it comes to choosing HVAC for new construction – as with many items in life you get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean that you should necessarily install the most expensive equipment you can find (if you can afford to) but that you ought to ask the professionals about the most reliable systems on the market and pay for a top quality product. Many of the best quality
products will have guarantees for around the twenty year mark, boilers may be guaranteed for thirty years – so, it really does pay to purchase a good quality system.

You also need to think about a maintenance contract for the HVAC system in your property. Regular maintenance is essential for any system to run efficiently, so you must be sure that there are some experienced contractors close by who can fulfill a regular contract for you. One of the biggest reasons for emergency call outs on HVAC systems is the lack of regular maintenance.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing HVAC for new construction – decisions that are best made under the guidance of a seasoned professional.