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06_26_13Your home’s indoor air quality can be affected by factors present in nearly every room in the house. By using one or more of the following nine techniques, you can substantially improve the air quality in your home this spring and beyond.

  • Maintain clean HVAC system filters: Your air conditioner contains a filter that removes particles from the airflow moving through the system. Dirty filters are less effective at removing these particulates and could make indoor air quality worse if material they’ve captured re-enters the airflow. Check your air filters at least monthly and change them when they’re dirty.
  • Add an air purification system: An air purification system provides additional effective air filtration. A whole-house air cleaner or purifier will dramatically improve indoor air quality by removing tiny allergens, airborne contaminants and micro-organisms from your home’s air.
  • Install a germicidal UV light: Ultraviolet (UV) light is an extremely powerful disinfectant. UV light systems are available that you can add to your existing air conditioning system. The lights destroy potentially harmful micro-organisms in your indoor air, such as mold, viruses and germs.
  • Take control of moisture: Reduce the amount of moisture in bathrooms, kitchens and elsewhere. Run ventilating fans to move moisture outdoors. Clean up spills quickly. Don’t let wet clothes or towels pile up. Install a whole-house dehumidifier to reduce humidity levels throughout your home.
  • Change your kitchen sponges: Kitchen sponges used for cleaning are prime environments for bacteria and mold that can be transmitted to your home’s indoor air. Replace kitchen sponges at least weekly.
  • Take off your shoes: Your shoes can carry significant amounts of dust, dirt and other particulates into your home. Practice the habit of leaving your shoes at the door when you come in.
  • Clean bedding regularly: Your blankets, sheets and other bedding can be a source of dust, dust mites, fibers and other airborne particulates. Wash bedding regularly with hot water to eliminate dust mites and clean away fibers, dust and other particles. Find zippered allergy-proof cases and coverings for your mattresses and pillows.
  • Dust regularly with microfiber cloths: Weekly dusting will eliminate considerable amounts of dust and dirt from your home environment. Use efficient microfiber cloths that pick up and remove dust without using cleaning sprays or chemicals.
  • Close the doors and windows: Probably the simplest way to improve indoor air quality is to keep your doors and windows closed, which prevents pollen, allergens, dust and other material from getting into your home and into your air.

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