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Air conditioning repair and replacement are looking pretty important right now, as we’re coming off one of the warmest winters on record and getting ready to head into summer. Many of our customers are already kicking on the AC, and we’re getting calls for air conditioning repair and replacement.

34e6cec2-2b00-48d3-f703-e2240722a8023With summer coming, you want to be prepared ahead of time if you should suddenly find you need to repair or replace your home’s cooling equipment. The air conditioning repairexperts at Crawford Services suggest you have the following questions ready to get your system back into action quickly and efficiently.

Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement?

Are you happy with the your current cooling equipment? Are  there any current hot or cold spots in your home that need correcting.

Research and determine the licensing and insurance requirements for your state, county and/or local area. Check for any special local building codes.

Ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors if they would recommend a specific air conditioning repair service. Find out what work was done, whether the work done in a timely fashion, and whether the final cost match the estimate given. Have a list of preferred contractors ready to use when needed.

What is the model and age of your existing system?

Stay aware of any available rebates being offered on heating and cooling equipment. Good information is available at Energy Star.

Questions For the Air Conditioning Repair Contractor
Does the contractor meet all licensing and insurance requirements? Do the individual technicians?

Does the contractor have experience with your existing cooling equipment?

Will the contractor provide a list of current customer references?

Call these references and ask if the job was satisfactorily completed within the cost estimate and on time.

Does the replacement equipment recommended meet energy-efficiency guidelines?

Will the contractor provide a written and itemized proposal that clearly outlines all work to be done, job schedule, completion date, model numbers, energy efficiency and warranty information?

1a22a4a8-d407-43da-8510-bcb052cd94fcWhen you’re trying to figure out whether you need air conditioning repair or replacement, it’s important to contact someone who has extensive experience in the field. Crawford Services provides HVAC service throughout North Texas and the metro Dallas area.