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1_29_13The kitchen is one of the most demanding rooms in your home when it comes to managing air quality. Cooking may produce great meals, but it also produces potentially harmful air contaminants and moisture that could lead to mold and mildew if not dealt with correctly. Remodeling your Dallas-Forth Worth kitchen gives you the perfect opportunity to optimize your cooking area for healthy air.

Choose the right ventilationGood ventilation equipment removes combustion fumes from fuel-burning stoves, excess heat and humidity, and airborne grease and food particles. The most common kitchen ventilation method is a range hood installed over the cooktop. A range hood catches combustion fumes and other contaminants, then vents them outdoors.

To work effectively, the range hood must be large enough and close enough to the stove top. An undersized range hood will let too many contaminants escape. Though some range hoods are designed to sit high over the cooktop, these may be so powerful they pose the risk of back-drafting exhaust gases from other fuel-burning appliances such as the furnace.

Seal air leaks – Blocking air leaks improves energy efficiency anywhere in your home, but it’s especially important in the kitchen. Moist air from cooking can seep into gaps and cracks in the walls and ceiling, encouraging mold growth and rot.

Points to seal include gaps around dropped soffits, exhaust fans and penetrations for plumbing, gas and wiring. Sealing dropped soffits is particularly important. Left unsealed, soffits can conduct large amounts of air and encourage condensation. Remodeling your Dallas-Forth Worth kitchen gives you a good opportunity to access the soffits for sealing.

Upgrade your windows – If your windows date back before 1978, they may contain hazardous lead-based paint. These windows should be replaced. Even if your windows are free from lead paint, replacing single-paned windows with Energy Star-qualified windows helps reduce drafts, prevent condensation and discourages mold growth, as well as improving your kitchen’s energy efficiency.

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