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Spring service of your AC unit is probably the last thing on your mind in the cold, dark days of winter – it’s all about keeping warm isn’t it? Those hot summer days seem to be so very far away when you’re all huddled up inside with lots of layers of clothes and scared to leave the house without gloves, scarf and a woolly hat.

03_07_13The problem is that March is already upon us and the way the seasons fly by it’ll be April, May and June before we even get a chance to pack away our winter sweaters and find our shorts and flip-flops.

The reality is that a preventative spring service on your AC unit is something which you ought to seriously consider so that you can prevent any problems later in the year. And, you need to do it now to make sure that when the temperatures do start to rise, your home will be ready for it.

What happens in the Spring? The birds start to sing, the trees begin to get their leaves and the spring flowers begin to blossom – which leads to dust, pollen and allergens all swirling around outside your home – yep, spring is definitely the season of allergies.

If your AC unit is serviced before allergy season takes hold, you can be sure that the evaporator coils are dust free, clean and ready for action – allowing them to deal with anything that gets blown inside. This means that a spring service on your AC unit will help to keep your home cool, clean, healthy and allergen free.

There are of course other reasons why your AC unit should be regularly serviced –and a spring service is the perfect time for the annual check-up.

• A well serviced and maintained AC unit will work more efficiently, which means that not only will your home maintain a comfortable temperature all over, but it will do so without using up too much valuable electricity. A well maintained AC is much more “pocket friendly” than AC units which are not running at full efficiency.

• A well serviced and maintained AC unit will last longer than one which has been left to struggle, smoke, wheeze and clatter along. Regular servicing means that any worn out parts can be serviced or replaced before they start to affect the other parts of the unit. It’s not
cheap to replace an AC unit, it’s much more cost effective to look after the one you’ve got and have it regularly serviced.

Those long hot summer days are really not too far away – make sure that your home is fully prepared with a spring service on your AC.