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crawford_11_27_12Many homeowners experience uncertainty when hiring HVAC contractors, but one way to eliminate all the guesswork is to entrust the job to a NATE-certified technician. NATE stands for “North American Technician Excellence.” While all HVAC professionals are required to carry current and valid state-issued licenses, NATE certification is a purely optional designation. A NATE-certified technician has mastered advanced-level system design, maintenance, installation and repair concepts, and has passed a rigorous series of examinations testing that knowledge.

It’s not just consumers who benefit from hiring NATE-certified technicians. Contractors, equipment manufacturers and distributors, and educational and training organizations have implemented the program across the entire HVAC industry to ensure that standardized levels of excellence are easily identifiable and readily available.

Contractors who hire NATE-certified service people benefit from their skill and experience. They usually have lower rates of employee turnover, allowing them to provide consistent service to their valued customers and enjoy higher rates of customer satisfaction.

HVAC equipment installed by these technicians performs better for a longer period of time, with fewer warranty returns and service callbacks.

Finally, because NATE implements uniform standards across the HVAC industry, you can rest assured every time you see the North American Technician Excellence symbol. Certification is very difficult to earn, and only the best technicians and maintenance professionals can achieve it.

We at Crawford Services are proud participants in the North American Technician Excellence program. As part of our commitment to provide homeowners in the Dallas area with the very best products and services, we have NATE-certified technicians on staff who can ensure that your home heating and cooling equipment is correctly installed and optimized for peak efficiency. Not only does this prevent future service callbacks, but also helps to lower your energy costs by providing you with the best possible performance.

If you’re experiencing any home comfort issues, or would like to inquire about our comprehensive range of products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Crawford Services, Inc. to schedule an appointment.