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08_06_13Finding an A/C contractor in the crowded and competitive HVAC field can seem like a major challenge. Here are some reliable tips you can use to help you choose the best A/C contractor for your job.

  • Start with who you know: If you’re already using an HVAC contractor for other projects, start there. It’s very likely your existing contractor also does air conditioning work or will be able to recommend a business partner or other contractor who can do your A/C job.
  • Ask around: Ask your friends, co-workers, family members and business colleagues for information about contractors they’ve used. If they were happy with the contractor’s services, chances are good you will be, too.
  • Check industry resources: Many industry groups and trade organizations provide directories of HVAC contractors who are members of the group. The main trade association for air conditioning is the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). Membership in a trade organization is a sign that a contractor is interested and involved in his industry, so contractors in these organizations are likely to be a cut above the rest.
  • Use the bidding process: Request written bids for your project from at least three different contractors. If a contractor is willing to go through the bidding process, it shows he is genuinely interested in your project and understands the procedures required to get work. The bid should contain details on the scope of the job, equipment, supplies and costs. A written bid will confirm that both you and the contractor know what’s to be done and will help constrain the costs of the project.
  • Make sure your contractor is involved: Use an A/C contractor who becomes involved in your project from the earliest possible stages. Your contractor should evaluate your project in person to assess all the factors that must be accounted for during the job. He should conduct a cooling load evaluation to calculate how much cooling your home or business location needs. He should be able to show you the results of these calculations and be able to choose an A/C system that is properly sized to provide the amount of cooling required.
  • Ask about high-efficiency equipment: An A/C contractor who is up to date on the HVAC industry should have a good understanding of high-efficiency equipment, and should be able to recommend which types of A/C systems will work best for you.

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