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crawford_12_11_12Our lives are more dependent on electricity than ever before. Yet, electrical blackouts are also becoming more and more common, affecting about 3.5 million Americans in an average week. Most of those power outages are caused by the weather, either through storms or extreme temperatures that place too much strain on the electrical grid.

Because of this, standby emergency power generators are growing in popularity. A standby emergency power generator can turn the power back on in mere seconds, providing the electricity you need to light your home, keep your HVAC system running and keep your refrigerated food from spoiling. And it does so automatically, without you having to venture out into the storm or stumble through a dark house.

There are multiple standby emergency power generators on the market. Choosing the right one for your North Texas home requires looking at your overall electrical needs, as well as your own budget and personal preferences.

Electrical load

The first step is to determine how much electricity your house consumes. Major appliances, such as your HVAC system, should have energy labels that indicate how much electricity they consume. For lights, you will need to add up the wattage of all the light bulbs being used. Of course, for an easier and more accurate measurement of electrical load, you can consult a licensed electrician.

Generator options

You then have to decide whether you want a standby emergency power generator that is large enough to cover your entire electrical load, or one that will focus only on essential parts of the house.

  • A whole-house generator will run every electrical device in your house at the same time.
  • An essential circuit generator only powers the most important circuits in your house, such as the HVAC system or fridge. It is smaller and cheaper than a whole-house unit.
  • A smart circuit generator also only powers certain circuits, but it can switch between circuits depending on where the need is greatest.

For help in choosing the right generator for your Dallas-Fort Worth home, please contact us at Crawford Services, Inc. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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