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Solar energy saves money! That is the first and most important thing for you to know about installing a solar energy system in your Dallas home. Just like with any renewable energy source, solar energy is designed to save you money and in the process, benefit the environment.

Thermal energy produced in energy plants requires the use of fossil fuels, which are in turn burned and released into the atmosphere. Solar energy is absorbed by converters, then sent to use in your home, and in many cases can be designed to power your HVAC system.

What is especially unique about a solar energy powered HVAC system is that it works in conjunction with your utility company. As you probably already know, solar energy is powered by the radiant heat of the sun, not heat. This means it works just as well in the winter as it does in the summer. Basically, this system uses the energy it converts to power the heating and cooling system in your home. When
the AC or heat pump aren’t running, the energy created through the solar panels is routed through the home and can power major appliances like the refrigerator, the water heater or a TV.03_19_13

As if that isn’t incentive enough to invest in a solar energy HVAC system, there is more. Many solar systems are capable of overproducing for your home’s energy demands. This means that any extra energy created off your unit can be sent back to your utility company, which in turn may give you a credit.

All of us here in Dallas have experienced the pain of paying a high utility bill that is equivalent to that of our mortgage payment. What you may not realize is that on average, 56 percent of that bill comes directly from your HVAC climate control operations. Can you imagine cutting 90 percent of that out with a solar energy HVAC system? Additionally, you can look forward to state and federal tax credits and in
some areas, utility credits.

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