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Indoor air that’s too dry is uncomfortable, unhealthy, promotes static-electricity, and may damage wooden items and furniture in your home. A whole house humidifier works to alleviate these issues, and it can help lower utility costs, too. If any of the following situations pertain to your household, you may benefit from a whole house humidifier:

    • Loved ones who suffer from seasonal or daily allergies or respiratory issues.
    • Family members who feel fatigued, under the weather, or not quite 100 percent when indoor air is dry.
    • Occupants of hour home experience excessive static electricity shocks.

How whole house humidifiers work

A whole house humidifier (WHH) attaches to your furnace. As the blower circulates air through the ductwork, the WHH adds the optimal amount of moisture, ensuring that your entire home receives comfortable humidified air. Powered WHHs are available with their own blower, as well, eliminating dependency upon the furnace blower. A WHH doesn’t require water refilling (it’s plumbed to your home’s water line), and you only need to change the filter twice a year.

Better heath, comfort and savings

Implement a WHH into your home-comfort strategy, and receive the following benefits:

    • Properly humidified air inhibits the growth of many viruses and bacteria, and reduces the spread of dust. This provides relief to loved ones who suffer from allergies and respiratory issues such as asthma.
    • Virtually eliminates annoying static-electricity shocks. A WHH covers all surfaces in your home with a thin layer of water molecules. This prevents the buildup of electrical charges. Static-electricity shocks can damage sensitive electronics, such as computers, cameras and phones. It can awaken or disturb young children, babies and pets.
    • Dry air feels colder than properly humidified air at the same temperature. By maintaining optimal humidity levels, you may lower the thermostat on heating days, and save about 10 percent or more on utility costs.
    • Indoor air that’s properly humidified prevents dry-air damage to wood furnishings, cabinetry, hardwood floors and musical instruments. Dry air may also damage sentimental photos, important files and artwork.

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