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08_20_13Your HVAC system should continue while you’re on vacation this summer. Burglars casing neighborhoods look for homes that appear temporarily vacant, and one with a compressor humming away is less likely to look that way. Making your home look occupied can be as important as locking your doors. Follow these tips to keep your home safe and energy efficient while you are away.

Preparing your air conditioner

  • Seal air leaks around windows and doors to lower your HVAC service load. You can also shut the drapes, but do not do it if you normally leave them open. A burglar may notice this.
  • Perform preventive HVAC maintenance before you leave. Change the filters and do routine cleaning on the outdoor unit and the indoor vents. If you have not had an A/C checkup yet this season, make sure to schedule one so that your A/C will function at its best while you’re away.

Climate control

  • Set your thermostat a few degrees higher to save energy, but remember that houseplants, pets, appliances and electronics need climate control. It is unwise to allow the home to get too hot.
  • If you have a zoning HVAC system, you may choose to raise the temperature in some of the zones more than others to save even more on energy costs.
  • The weather may change and things may get warmer while you’re gone. Have your pet sitter or anyone who checks on your home let you know if it feels too cool or too warm. You should also leave them the phone number for your A/C tech in case something goes awry with your HVAC system.

Other ways to protect your home

  • Have a friend or neighbor collect your mail and newspaper every day.
  • Use timers for lights so they will switch off or on occasionally.
  • Add motion-detecting lights and other landscape lighting.
  • Hire someone to mow your lawn once a week (if it’s growing that fast).
  • Turn off the power to your garage door.

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