Take Control of Energy Costs

Tuesday 26 May 2015 12:39
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  • Reduce air leaks in your home by caulking, sealing and weather stripping around doors and windows14seer-hvac-system
  • Use exhaust fans to reduce moisture in the kitchen or bath, but turn them off when they’re no longer needed
  • Make sure your refrigerator’s seals are airtight. Test by closing the door over a dollar bill.
  • If you can pull the dollar out easily, the seal may need to be adjusted
  • Wash only full loads in your dishwasher and clothes washer
  • Turn off lights you don’t need to save energy and reduce extra heat in your home
  • Prepare dinner on your outdoor grill to help reduce your air conditioner’s load
  • Check ducts for air leaks, including holes or separated sections
  • If it’s time to replace your air conditioner, choose an energy-efficient model such as the 14 SEER HVAC System, as advertised here
 For more details on the money-saving energy efficient 14 SEER HVAC system, go to:http://www.lennox.com/pdfs/brochures/Lennox_XC14_Air_Conditioner.pdfFor more details on the $99.95 Special Promotion, visit our Promotions Page
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Don’t Let April Showers Bring May Mildew Complete Moisture Control for a Comfortable Living

Tuesday 26 May 2015 12:38
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  • Keep furniture a few inches away from the inside of exterior walls to increase air circulationDehumidifiers
  • Check windows for condensation and walls for water stains, which are signs of too much humidity
  • Clear leaves/debris from gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage
  • Downspouts should slope away from house • Keep home’s relative humidity between 30-50%
  • Reseal weather-stripping on windows and doors
 Our Healthy Climate Solutions® Home Dehumidifier Indoor Air Quality Systems removes excess moisture in your home that results in less dust mites, mold and protects furniture and wood from moisture damage. Designed to be easily added to your HVAC system.

To learn more about Lennox‘s Healthy Climate Solutions® call a Crawford Service residential specialist at 214-271-8800or go to: http://www.lennox.com/pdfs/resources/23W34_iaq_bro_53989_0508.pdfDehumidifiers - http://www.lennox.com/products/indoor-air-quality-systems/HCWHD/Variable Speed Technology - http://www.lennox.com/resources/faqs/coolingsystems/variable-speed-air-conditioners/

Humidifiers - http://www.lennox.com/products/indoor-air-quality-systems/HCWP18/
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When Spring Cleaning Your Home, Don’t forget to replace your air filters

Tuesday 26 May 2015 12:36
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Lennox-Air-Filters"Changing your air filters every 3 months will improve air flow, indoor air quality and reduce the strain on the operation of your air conditioning equipment. Regular filter changes will increase the life expectancy of your equipment while reducing energy costs."

Consider adding a PureAir Purification Filter System to any existing Air Conditioning system in your home. This air filtration system removes 95% of all particulates like dust, polen and pet dander from your indoor air. It also works to eliminate airborne viruses, mold spores and harmful bacteria. Lastly, PureAir Purification System kills the VOC's in the home like unwanted odors, cooking smellls, and gasses giving off by cleaning supplies, carpets, paint and pet odors.

To learn more about Lennox‘s Healthy Climate Solutions® call a Crawford Service residential specialist at 214-271-8800or go to: http://www.lennox.com/pdfs/brochures/Lennox_PureAir_System.pdf
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