Healthy Climate Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)


An ERV provides effective ventilation in warmer climates and are a cost effective solution providing a fresh air feeling with little or no energy loss.

An ERV transfers heat and moisture from inside to the outside of the home, balancing humidity levels for improved comfort. The system also sends pollutants outdoors, making indoor air easier to breathe.

Technology that keeps your comfortable

Today’s homes are built to be energy efficient. That means they are better sealed against drafts, dust and the elements. But while this may have a positive effect on your heating and cooling costs, it may have unwanted side effects on the air inside that is sealed due to recycled air, polutants and moisture. All of which you breathe over and over again. You could open a window but that can sacrifice the energy efficiency of  your home in extreme temperatures. An ERV prevents the build up of stale air, pollutants and excessive moisture by moving stale air outside, bringing fresh air inside and transferring heat and moisture in the process to preserve your comfort without  sacrificing the energy efficiency of your home.

How an ERV works

Energy Recovery Ventilators help you stay healthier as well as more comfortable. At Crawford Services, we take indoor air pollution very seriously. We offer a wide range of products and services designed to optimize your DFW area home’s air quality to keep you and your family safe and breathing strong. To learn more, or to request a free home evaluation , please contact us today.