Still Using A Manual Thermostat?
Three Reasons For A Programmable Upgrade


Now’s the time to make the switch. If you are still using a manual thermostat to control the heating and cooling system in your home, you are wasting money and sacrificing home comfort. With a programmable thermostat, you can ensure that you’re not using expensive energy to heat and cool your home when nobody’s around to enjoy it.


Here are the three reasons to upgrade if you’re still using a manual thermostat:

  1. Money. An excellent way to fight high energy prices is to cut your utility bill with a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can allow the HVAC system in your home to run at a higher or lower temperature (depending on the season ) when no one is there, and then return to a normal level before your return. Government research shows that you can save at least 10 percent in energy costs by installing a programmable thermostat and using these practices.
  2. Accuracy. For those who are still using a manual thermostat, you can never be sure that the temperature in your home is where you want it. Manual thermostats are not as accurate as programmable ones, and even though you set the temperature at 68 degrees, that doesn’t mean that it’s really 68 in the house.
  3. Complete Control. While manual thermostats can only operate the AC, furnace or heat pump in your Dallas home, programmable ones can do that plus control the operation of humidifiers, dehumidifiers and ventilation systems. Some programmable thermostats are also wireless, giving you much more flexibility in deciding where to position them.

There are many things to consider when choosing a new programmable thermostat. Select one that offers seven-day programming with the ability to have several different settings for each day. The more options you have to program the unit, the more money you can save. If you have any questions about installing a programmable thermostat in your North Texas home, contact the experts at Crawford Services.