If The Unique Conditions Of Your Household Make The One-Thermostat System Ineffective, Try Zoning Systems



North Texas is sometimes too hot, and sometimes too cold; rarely is the temperature anything that would be considered ideal.

Unfortunately, the same could be said for the temperature inside many DFW homes. While one room may be comfortable, other parts of the house can be too hot or too cold.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, zoning combined with a setback thermostat strategy can save you up to 30% on your energy bills

If your home has such comfort problems, it’s probably because of the way that it’s designed. Hot air rises, so if your home has more than one story, it will naturally tend to be warmer upstairs and cooler downstairs. Rooms with lots of window space will also receive more heat from the sun than rooms with small windows, as will those that lie along sun-facing exterior walls. Since your thermostat only measures the temperature in one room, and your HVAC system turns on or off at the same time in every room, some rooms are going to receive more heating or cooling than they need.

The solution? Customize the heating and cooling for each room by utilizing zoning systems.

Zoning systems take your existing HVAC system and modify it so that it works like a collection of smaller units. It gives you the level of temperature control that you would get by having a separate air conditioner and furnace for each room, without the expense of actually having multiple units.

Zoning systems accomplish this feat by having dampers inside the air duct system and a separate thermostat in each room. Once the thermostat in a particular room reaches the temperature you have set, a damper will close off the airflow to that room. The HVAC system continues to run, providing cool or warm air to the rooms that need it, until every room is at the exact temperature you want. In the process, it saves energy; you are not over-heating or cooling any part of the house and you can reduce or even turn off the air conditioning and heating in a room when the room is not occupied.

To learn more about zoning systems, and see whether such a system is right for your North Texas home, contact us at Crawford Services.