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  • Air Scrubbers: What Are They and Why You Should Invest


  • Air Scrubbers: What Are They and Why You Should Invest

    September 25, 2020

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors—and with the Coronavirus pandemic, we don’t doubt that the number has gone up. Sitting indoors for such a long time can increase our exposure to a myriad of indoor allergens like mold spores, pet dander, dust mites and even cockroach droppings. While measures like ventilation and cleanliness can prevent them, you can take the extra step using something called an “air scrubber.” Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry—the pros at Crawford are here to tell you what air scrubbers are and why you should invest in them!

    What Are Air Scrubbers?

    An air scrubber is a device that you can attach directly to the ductwork on your HVAC unit. When impure air flows through your ductwork, air scrubbers produce negative ions that match with positively charged particles of allergens. The bonding between positive particles and negative ions creates a heavier particle that can no longer float in the air. These particles will fall, and your unit’s fan will pull these heavier particles, which will be filtered out by your HVAC system’s air filter.

    Are Air Scrubbers the Same as Air Purifiers?

    Air scrubbers and air purifiers are used for similar reasons and they achieve pretty much the same thing—cleaner and healthier indoor air. However, they operate a little differently. Air purifiers do all the air cleaning within the appliance, whereas air scrubbers clean indoor air outside of the device. Air purifiers require more maintenance as there are more moving parts, whereas air scrubbers require less maintenance.

    Why You Should Invest in Air Scrubbers

    1. They Reduce Contaminants

    Air Scrubbers, especially those of higher quality such as The Air Scrubber Plus by Aerus, get rid of 99% of airborne and surface level contaminants. This specific air scrubber uses ActivePure technology, which has been effective against certain bacteria and viruses. Keep in mind though, the air scrubber has not been tested on the Coronavirus.

    • They Reduce Odors

    If you find that certain odors linger in your home for a long time, the Air Scrubber can come in handy. To get rid of odors, air scrubbers use small amounts of ozone. If this is something that worries you, contact a technician you trust and consult with them before purchasing the Air Scrubber.

    • Reduction of Allergies and Asthma Symptoms

    Air Scrubbers are guaranteed to rid your home of indoor allergens. This can greatly reduce allergies and asthma symptoms amongst your family members. With little to no irritating particles and pollutants in your home, you will feel far more comfortable.

    Have any more questions about what air scrubbers are? Get in touch with the professionals at Crawford! Whether you have a simple question, or you need indoor air quality and air purification services, our team of experts will be more than happy to help you out! Call us today at 817-869-9045 or schedule a service with us on our website!