5 Reasons a Smart Thermostat Is Worth the Investment

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If you’re looking for an excuse to buy a cool, sleek Nest thermostat, here it is: 5 reasons a smart thermostat is worth the investment.

1. Full Control in the Palm of Your Hand

The “smart” part of the “smart thermostat” title means that it connects to the Internet—which also means it connects to your other Internet-connected devices. You can control your smart thermostat from your phone, that thing that seems to be permanently attached to your hand these days, for better or worse.

Feeling a little chilly while you’re on the couch? Don’t get up: Just whip out your phone and change the temperature setting. You’re the boss, not your thermostat.

2. Easy to Use and Read

Non-smart thermostats—do they even want us to know what we’re doing? “Hold,” “set,” “auto,” and “on” are buttons you can press on your thermostat, if you have a new-ish model, but the buttons look different from the thermostat you use at work, and things get really confusing and jumbled. You’re just trying to get warm, for goodness’ sake. You don’t have time to decipher your thermostat.

Smart thermostats, thanks to their connection to your smart phone and their digital watch-like faces, are completely easy to use and read.

3. Wake Up with Ease

Waking up in the winter is a real struggle. You need the room to be cool enough so that you can snuggle under the covers and get cozy, but then when your alarm goes off in the morning, clawing your way out of bed might as well be an Olympic sport.

Your smart thermostat lets you schedule temperature settings. About 30 minutes before you’re due to wake up, have your thermostat increase the temperature. You’ll rise from your nest of comforters into a climate of your choosing. This is how perfect days start.

4. Save More Than You Spend

Here’s the big hang up with purchasing a smart thermostat: They seem so expensive. While the price tag may be intimidating compared to the other models, you have to look at this like an investment, not an indulgence. Sure, you spent the same about of money on an iPad, but that purchase isn’t going to save you money on your energy bill in the long run (unless you’re using it to control the temperature on your smart thermostat). Smart thermostats help you save buckets of money on your energy bill.

5. Give Your Furnace a Break

The more you use something, the sooner it wears out. With a traditional thermostat, it’s a lose-lose situation: If you turn off your thermostat during the day to conserve energy, it takes an immense about of energy for your furnace to turn on when you get home. If you leave the thermostat on during the day, it means your furnace is working all day when you’re gone, wearing itself out before you really need it.

A smart thermostat gives your furnace a break. It enables you to use it only when you need it, and gradually allows it to ramp back up, so it’s not wasting energy turning itself back on.

In other words: Buying a smart thermostat is a win-win. If you’re ready to have one installed in your home call Crawford Services today!