How Does Snaking Work?

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We’ve all encountered nasty plumbing problems before. When you’ve got a clog that just won’t go away or a stopped-up drain that is making it difficult to get anything done, you need a way to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

It might be tempting to hop in the car, pick up some drain cleaner at your local hardware store and dump the chemical down your drain. But don’t do that just yet! A better option is out there, and a professional like the ones at Crawford Services can get it done for you. But how does snaking work? Find out why it might be your best clog-fighting option!

What Snaking Is

Thankfully, snaking isn’t what it sounds like. No, a plumber isn’t going to come into your home and drop a live snake down your sink, although that is certainly a fascinating idea. This type of snaking involves a flexible steel instrument that goes down the sink, toilet or other drain.

The plumber worms the snake through the tubes until it reaches whatever is clogging the drain. Whenever it stops, the plumber will rotate the handle on the snake until it breaks up or grabs the obstruction. Then they pull the snake back out. Simple as that!

Is it Dangerous?

No, snaking is safe. The steel that makes up the snake won’t harm any pipes or release any metallic chemicals into the water or anything like that. A snake is simple, safe and effective.

What About a Drain Cleaner?

Logically, you’d think that a drain cleaner would be able to solve this problem as easily as a drain snake would, right? And you’d be correct for the most part. Drain cleaners are obviously designed to get rid of clogs and other obstructions, and all you’ve got to do is pour it down the drain and wait! What’s not to like?

The problem is that drain cleaners are full of toxic and potentially harmful chemicals. The chemicals are corrosive, and if you pour them down the wrong pipes then your plumbing system could suffer. These chemicals can float through the air as well, and they can infect your home’s airflow and cause health problems.

Drain cleaners will get the job done for the most part, but they’re not worth the potential risk of damaging your home.

Let a Professional Handle It

Sometimes you can get the clog out yourself, but more often than not it will require the help of a trained technician. They’ll be able to delicately remove the problem and inform you on the best ways to avoid the issue in the future.

When you call an expert like the ones at Crawford Services, you know you’re getting the most reliable service around. With our help, you’ll never have to worry about a plumbing problem grinding your home life to a halt.

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